Rhinoceros Screensaver

Rhinoceros Screensaver 1.0

Amaze yourself with some wonderful rhino images


  • High-quality, close-up images
  • Lots of customisation options
  • A number of interesting transition effects


  • Sadly, it won't stop them becoming extinct


Did you know that the prized rhinoceros horns are actually made from hair? Maybe if more people knew this they'd stop buying it to put in their medicines or make ornaments from.

I very much doubt that will happen though, so while you have the chance, why not celebrate the majesty of this dying breed by installing this Rhinoceros Screensaver?

The photographs included here are great, and as they are close-ups you really get an impression of the rhino's true features. As if the pictures alone weren't enough, the screensaver bundles plenty of options for you to tweak the screensaver, such as the ability to stretch then images, add a musical soundtrack, or even apply interesting effects.

If, like me, you love rhinos but don't fancy inviting one round to your house, then this screensaver provides an ideal way to marvel at their beauty from your living room.

The Rhinoceros Screensaver from Free Screensavers brings the world of these impressive mammals to your dekstop. Once installed, the application can be configured to apply a number of effects and interesting transformation on your desktop, so you can enjoy the beauty of these beasts all day long.

Rhinoceros Screensaver


Rhinoceros Screensaver 1.0

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